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car care center

 One of biggest car care center in Oman which keep our customers vehicles running in a safe and reliable state. We will continue with latest vehicle technologies and up to date repair processes.


 The best workshop in Muscat, Oman operate with the highest level of integrity to build our reputation, through our service promise, and our commitment to the environment. 

leading auto specialist

The best workshop in Muscat, Oman will operate a business model that allows us to be profitable, while providing a competitive level of compensation and benefits.

مختصصون في عناية السيارات والدراجات

specialized auto care center in oman

Having been established in 2013, We are a young vibrant and well-established automotive care company with our roots deep in the industry.

The staff body at Auto Smart is a group of highly motivated, enthusiastic and committed individuals, Personnel members go extra mile in every aspect – to the extent where the company functions as one big family.

We employ a pool of skilled people and have development program in place whereby we are constantly up skilling our workforce, The company is owned and managed by Mr. Fahad-Al-Farsi, who is been active in the automotive industry since 2013 and has a real passion about cars.

We have the ability handle workloads of all sizes, regardless of the amount of manpower or resources needed to get the job done. They thrive on delivering excellent service, top class workmanship and the use of the most updated technologies available in automotive industry.


Car polishing, crystal shine, ultimate shine, buffing service, etc.


Interior detailing, exterior detailing, shampoo wash, crystel shine, car polish, etc.


Dent removal specialist, parking dents or scratches, paintless dent removal, car denting, car painting, etc.

Exterior detailing 

car body repairing services, accident repair, remove dents and scratches, accident repairs and servicing, etc.
We referred to as car stickers or car graphics are images, graphics, or lettering printed onto or cut out of self-adhesive vinyl material and then placed on any type of vehicle.


Car upholstery, interior detailing, car shampoo wash, car cleaning, vehicle shine, etc.


Engine flashing, spark plug, wheel alignment, brake fluid, brake pads, brake shoe, disc replacement, tyre fiting, etc.

Foiling | Auto Styling
Car foiling, car styling, carbon fiber parts for interior, carbon fiber parts for exterior, etc.

audio system

DVD players, Blu-ray players, navigation systems, Bluetooth telephone integration, and smartphone controllers like CarPlay and Android Auto.
rims protector
Our Rims Protector are highly engineered, robust wheel protectors designed to take the impact of kerbing and driving over potholes.
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